Customer Testimonials

Delivering the best possible service means making sure we help you identify potential risks in your personal and business pursuits, finding you the right insurance coverage options and providing all that at the lowest possible price. Do we deliver? See what our clients have to say about that... Write your own testimonial about Calrose Insurance

Professional team.

Customer since 2019

Our organization has been using your insurance company through many of your transitions and have always found the agents to be helpful and knowledgeable. We are very satisfied and plan to continue working with Calrose.

Teresa H., customer since 2013

You were fast efficient and the price was right. In fact I've already recommended you to another person in the park.

James O., customer since 2019

I've never had any issues with anything, so that makes me a happy customer.

Customer since 2008

I appreciate the speed and attention you gave me in obtaining new home and car insurance, saving me money as well as time not having to research myself.

Customer since 2019

La atención fue excelente y te ayudan con todas las preguntas ,se siente un ambiente muy bueno en cuanto el servicio. Gracias ...

David C., customer since 2019

Elizabeth is awesome and took care of everything! I didn't worry about a thing!

Customer since 2019

Thank you for working so hard to get me a errs and omission quote on short turn around. I was very impressed.

Customer since 2019

Personal service after a claim

Customer since 2005

I have been with Pershagen Insurance which is now Calrose since 1978 for home and auto. Every encounter was helpful and professional. In 1983 my family and I were injured by a drunk driver. They have always chosen the best companies for me and my family to be insured by. Thank you for your continued professional service.

Rose C., customer since 2013

Everyone was professional and it didn't take long for me to get insurance.

Customer since 2018

Always there to help, great products tailored to my needs.

Roderick M., customer since 2013

Never have I met Elizabeth Bundy' but I feel like I've known her for years. Customer service is 100%. I would highly recommend this company the employee's are very personable!!

Tracey C., customer since 2013

Always helpful and pleasant

Customer since 2013

You were always there when I need to ask questions, accident or no accident. You clarified questions asked., always giving needed feedback.

Customer since 2013

Have always been prompt and friendly with any needs per requests. The best!

Leslie L., customer since 2013

Friendly professional service...they make the claim process easy

Robert D., customer since 2013

Always helpful

Customer since 2019

Personal attention and individualized planning.

Shelby T., customer since 2016

We have been with Calrose for several years under different names but the service has always been exceptional!

Customer since 2012

I had to drop in without an appointment and they have been able to take care of my needs. No matter where I had problems, they took care of it right away. Nice and friendly staff.

Customer since 2012

Amazing customer care above and beyond from Katie Larsen

Customer since 2016

Katie is real helpfull and knowledgeable about the insurance policy and gave me a good advice

Customer since 2018

Thoughtful advise and great service!

Mary E., customer since 2017

Great attitude, knowledge, and proffessionalism

Customer since 2011

Returned my calls/emails promptly. Searched for best pricing for homeowners ins. Don and Mary Jo were great!

Michael O., customer since 2013

First of all, I was welcomed with a smile and with kindness. The staff is knowledgeable and has a "we can do that" attitude. I was not rushed and apologies were made if I needed to wait due to a phone call in the office. I would and do still highly recommend Calrose Insurance Agency to anyone.

Susan M., customer since 2013

Calrose was recommended to me by my brother who uses them to insure multiple vehicles. Their prices are very affordable and the staff has always been prompt and friendly. I now use them to insure my own vehicle, as well as for renters insurance! Thanks Katie & team!

Timothy C., customer since 2018

Easy to deal with!!

Customer since 2018

Email reminders are so helpful, thank you!

Customer since 2010

Extraordinary service and fair prices

John W., customer since 2017

We have had a great experience with Katie and Calrose! She always has our best interest in mind and finds us the lowest fee possible :-) Thank you for all that you do!

Amie B., customer since 2014

Great customer service!!

Richard S., customer since 1999

Friendly and great customer service. Timely in responding to questions or concerns.

Customer since 2017

Sue has always been responsive and helpful. I also know she is reviewing my insurance options and recommending changes that meet my needs and giving me the best value.

Joe A., customer since 2002

Very thorough, prompt, friendly, professional and you made everything easy to understand.

Lorraine D., customer since 2018

Every time I write, Katie is very quick to respond and is very helpful.

Madelon T., customer since 2015

Great customer service and attentiveness!

Customer since 2018

Sue is very friendly when we call. she is great!

Customer since 1997

Contact with Calrose feels personal and not like your a number in line. I always get prompt service, same day documents and a knowing that anything I need or need to change happens within a matter of minutes. Thank you to the entire Calrose team, especially Katie Larsen who makes my insurance needs quick and painless.

Customer since 2008

You have always been there with help

Customer since 2001

Great customer service

Customer since 2011

Katie has always helped me out when I had questions or concerns. She looks out for her clients and lets them know what their best options are. Love Her!

Customer since 2010

Katie rocks. She is always helpful and always available

Customer since 2008

Because you always call me back when I have a question.. It means a lot to get a call back when I have a question

Suzanne F., customer since 2008

You are always prompt and professional in all my company needs! Even when it is short notice.

Gregory B., customer since 2013

You respond quickly to my emails, and help to fix the issue very fast. You try to give the best service .. I noticed couple times.

Marwa A., customer since 2017

I always feel welcome in the office or on the phone!

Customer since 2011

Whenever I run into any problem or have a question Katie is there with the answers!!

Customer since 2005

Good customer service

Customer since 2014

You always answer my questions in a timely manner

Customer since 2013

Katie goes above and beyond to make sure all my questions are answered.. and that my family is getting the best/cheapest policy out there! Shes a quick phone call away if I ever need her... it's so great! I'm constantly referring friends and family their way.... definitely beats dealing with the insurance agency's themselves.... thanks!

Miranda R., customer since 2004

I've been working with Sue for about 20 years. Sue is THE reason you have my business. Sue is extremely thorough, which I am not, so her being so good at her job, really helps me stay afloat. Also, I answered your question with a 10. On that note, I have recommended many friends to Sue. Hope this helps.

Walter N., customer since 2005

Katie Larsen made it a very easy process of getting things set up and started, looking for the best deal possible for my situation.

Customer since 2018

Katie Larsen did an amazing job at quickly responding and taking care of my insurance needs.

Deryk P., customer since 2018

Always great service!

Customer since 2009

Katie, You have always been courteous, kind, and a genuine concern for us as customers. We are blessed to have you as our agent. I put 9 because none of us are perfect, and it leaves not much room for improvement. Thank you , you're the best... Merry Christmas.... Sincerely Justin and Jodi.

Justin F., customer since 2012

Katie always did her best to answer my questions and to find the best insurance quote for my properties

Virgina S., customer since 2015

Always great service

Susie P., customer since 2017

Just continue helping people find the lowest rates! Thank you!!

Quantica S., customer since 2012

Personel attention

Customer since 2017

I've been a customer for many years, they are a very good insurance company, I highly recommend them!!! Try them and you will not be disappointed. A+++++ company

Kelly J., customer since 2002

Because of you Katie your awesome always available to help and answer questions things get done fast and easy and right!

Customer since 2000

Sue has been amazing for many, many years

Eric D., customer since 2001

Prompt response and great service.

Anthony P., customer since 2000

Fast and efficient

Doug W., customer since 2017

We haven?t had to file a claim yet,, but we are always able to speak to our agent Katie Larson when there are questions or changes regarding our policy

Customer since 2017

You are always there to answer questions, have good services for customers and there needs.

Maxie M., customer since 1998

Responded in a timely manner; gave quote when needed; had forms ready to sign; returns calls

Linda T., customer since 2014

Well when my insurance accidentally got cancelled you actually found me cheaper monthly rate for same insurance, how but that!

Barry B., customer since 2011

You guys are Awesome!!

Gary M., customer since 2017

You were able to insure all vehicles and everybody in our household at a good price Katie Larson has always been able to help my family with insurance for years and it's much appreciated. Thanks Katie

Shaun B., customer since 2012

You've been very prompt in letting me know ahead of time when my fees are due which has been so very helpful !!!

Douglas K., customer since 2017

Katie is so helpful and thorough I would never want to work with anyone else ever again. She makes me feel like my questions are important and that she is listening to me the whole time. She does very great work and she is a beloved asset to your company.

Casey B., customer since 2013

I'm am treated to the best care possible when it comes to my "handler" Katie, lol. She has always found the best deals for me and stays on top of my insurance needs. I have been with many agency's and have not found any that have been comparable. I'm appreciative of that in this "disconnected" world of tech we live in now, that I can still talk to a human!! Thanks

Customer since 2013

I've had no bad experiences, only good

Customer since 2018

My agent has been friendly and helpful the entire time I have had insurance. She is always super friendly. I have never had a bad experience with her. I have referred family to them just because my agent rocks!

April H., customer since 2012

Katie is the best! no need to change.

Rolly W., customer since 2013

You are always very helpful with answering questions and getting problems solved for us quickly. I am consistently impressed with the level of customer service that is given.

Customer since 2016

I think you are easy to work with. Friendly, and generally always positive.

John M., customer since 2009

it's grate to have a company that works with you and for you. and willing to make changes where and when you need them.

Customer since 2004

You have always found us the coverage we need at a price we can afford.

Customer since 2005


James B., customer since 2005

Katie Larsen, has always been helpful with any questions i have whether it be my home owners insurance or Car insurance. She always gets back to me in a timely manner. i have not had any problems with there service and they always go above and beyond helping me with new rates, making sure i have all the current information.

Kristine R., customer since 2007

Available to identify options on what our insurance could be and what might be best for us. -Brian

Brian C., customer since 2014

You always communicate and are super nice to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!

James E., customer since 2017

I like the fast and friendly service that I've received for years. I have referred friends and family do to the outstanding service I've received good job keep up the great work.

Customer since 2011

Always friendly on the phone and in person. Very knowledgeable and answer my insurance questions. Responsive to my needs.

Corey P., customer since 2013

The staff at Calrose Insurance is friendly and capable. They always work with us to find the best rates for our insurance needs.

Customer since 2013

Katie rocks! She's super great to work with and is always willing to deal with my difficult questions or issues.

Chase I., customer since 2006

Don Layson has the insurance knowledge to help in any insurance issues so I say thank you

Customer since 2013

Professionals !

Svitlana L., customer since 2017

I have needed an extremely large number of COI's for my business this year. Sue is great at getting the documents turned around very quickly!

Eric M., customer since 2016

Great customer service

Customer since 2008

Always keeping contact and being helpful. Definitely recommend you guys

Customer since 2017

You always take time and call me if there is something that needs my attention.

Customer since 2005

You are flexible, affordable, and always available to answer questions or help us.

Margaret F., customer since 2015

I really like the fact that as an insurance broker you will 'shop' for insurance prices and coverage before I even ask prior to when my policy term is up. Plus, I greatly appreciate good customer service, and ALWAYS get it from you!

Fred E., customer since 2009

It was fast and and easy to sign up. Staff are super friendly!

Krystal R., customer since 2018

Ouick service good price

Customer since 2018

I like when Katie my insurance representative looks for what I want at an affordable price when it's renewal time.

Jennifer H., customer since 2014

Don was very personable, down to earth,and tells it to you straight. We need more honest people to talk to when were starting our businesses. He gave me a good price on my insurance for my business too!

Customer since 2018

Carlos offers great service and they are professional, helpful and friendly.

Customer since 2017

You complete all tasks on time , did what was promised and I feel that I got the best price possible. Thanks Scott Randle

Scott R., customer since 2018

Katie is excellent! She is always available, quick to respond and attentive to her customers questions and needs. Customer satisfaction at its best!

Sofia D., customer since 2005

Katie is the best! Take care of all our needs

Customer since 2005

My main reason to do business with Calrose is because of Katie Larsen's knowledge and great service.

Customer since 2017

You guys have a great team and you're always willing to help me out with any questions that I have and any needs

Customer since 2005

Your good at what you do

Willam W., customer since 2007

Great customer service.

Elias Q., customer since 2017

You are always very prompt when we make a request as well as professional.

Karl K., customer since 2016

The service is hands down best in town. She went above and beyond to provide me the best policy for my budget. In addition to have a personality that can't be found just anywhere.

Customer since 2017

Katie is amazing. She found us a great deal on insurance. She is very friendly and doesn't pressure you, highly recommend!

Joseph A., customer since 2002

Excellent service, handles concerns professionally and quickly, goes out of the way above others to make your experience put a smile on your face!

Customer since 2007

Cheerful helpful knowledgeful

Customer since 2018

I was recommended and I'm very happy with the results. You guys are very professional and are on top of your work. Sue got back to me quickly as she promised and had everything ready for me to sign when I got there. I will be recommending you guys with the highest level of excellence. Thank you!!

Gabriela K., customer since 2018

You were very responsive to our questions and did a beautiful job of keeping us on track regarding all the needed paperwork - it was a pleasure to work with you.

Shannon C., customer since 2018

Just always right there ready to help. You catch things I've missed, BEFORE it's a problem.

Rod G., customer since 2006

You are always helpful when I call . Or need service of any kind about insurance.

Guy V., customer since 2013

I've been with Petershagen since I turned 18 (37 years) , my parents used this company also. It's always been so easy to get a hold of someone and communicate with the office.

Customer since 2013

Katie and all those in her office is always helpful, efficient and keeps me informed of what I need to do. I plan to be with them for a long time. Chris Y.

Christopher Y., customer since 2009

You took time lots of your precious time to find me a good carrier and I really appreciated.

Glorie M., customer since 2017

You could not find a better, more hands-on, insurance representation than Calrose. We've been with them for over 15 years with our home, auto and business insurance coverage's. L&B Everett,WA.

Customer since 2013

Friendly personnel and always there to service my insurance needs.

Customer since 2016

Promptly replied to phone questions and assistance with changing car on insurance.

Customer since 2013

When I have had a question your staff answered all of my concerns. JOB WELL DONE!

Arnold B., customer since 2017

Found a policy for me... better coverage and less cost.... great job

Robert D., customer since 2013

Direct, complete service. And provide information so I gained better understanding of insurance matters/funding/coverage and risks

Shelby T., customer since 2016

You returned my calls promptly,shopped for a better price,and interceded with a recent claim though I didn't ask. Above and beyond.

Customer since 2016

Convenient location, ease of use & online capability.

Customer since 2015

Very fast and helpful. Great customer service.

Customer since 2004

You actually answer your phones. I'm not lost in some Byzantine automated phone menu when I call. This sets Calrose apart from pretty much every other insurance company I've ever dealt with.

Andrew D., customer since 2017

I hope you will keep up the excellent work you have been doing in the past. I really appreciate your help on my past issues

Customer since 2013

All of your staff over the years has always been friendly, helpful, kept their time commitment, etc. I have always really enjoyed working with the agency.

Taral S., customer since 2016

very kind great communications when it comes to details of forms. also I enjoy their friendly time I will recommend them to any body great services!

Marim B., customer since 2018

Your group has carried our personal and business needs since 1978.. Always have been there for us. Don't plan on any changes.

Jerold W., customer since 2013

Amazing customer service, and my agent had personal experience which made my experience much easier!

Lindsey L., customer since 2018

Helped my daughter get insurance

Krista F., customer since 2012

One of the best insurance agencies ... Ever. Don Layson's hands on approach to insurance is refreshing in this day and age calling a 1 800 number and speaking to somebody in India about your insurance issues. Rock solid knowledge and when CalRose Inc... says they will get things done... it happens. Less talk and more rock at this agency. Don't know what we'd do without the crew at CalRose.

Mark H., customer since 2004

You were prompt and efficient and were always on top of things. I'm sure Chris at Prime Lending appreciated it, too!

Lorraine D., customer since 2018

I love being able to pick up the phone or send an email to get quick answers on insurance questions. Katie has been awesome in helping us to insure our custom-converted van which was a bit tricky.

Customer since 2016

Katie is always on top of things, keeping me informed and letting me know the best policy for me. I have been with her for over 15 years without a glitch.

Rolly W., customer since 2013

quick to respond with any questions or concerns!! No questions are too big or small and they are willing to help in any way they can!

Jeffrey A., customer since 2015

You've been very helpful and friendly. Thank you!

Darrell F., customer since 2017

Katie is great and very, very responsive. She gets me what I need, or answers my questions very quickly and very informatively.

Madelon T., customer since 2015

Great customer service and services in a very timely manner!

Customer since 2017

This agency is always more than accommodating to take care of my insurance needs.

Kenneth B., customer since 2016

Your hard work was a big help to us, Thank you, for all that you did, and keeping us updated, your service was wonderful!

Customer since 2006

Customer service is care is always prompt and Efficiently. Claims were easy to process.

Customer since 2010

Great service

Robin J., customer since 2013

Katie is always has a response to our questions. Also, she doesn't solicit services.

Delana M., customer since 2004

Katie was awesome!! Answered a ton of questions and went above and beyond for me!! Excellent service and understanding!!

Customer since 2016

Staff always very helpful in all areas of need.

Customer since 2017

You are always there when I need help or need to make ANY changes. You always return my calls as soon as possible.You answer my questions fully and have gotten us the BEST possible insurance rates that I've found. Over the years, I've found that your service is superior to any I've had before or witnessed with others insurance dealings.

Customer since 2005

quick to respond to questions

Shannon S., customer since 2018

Friendly customer service is always provided.

Customer since 2011

Great personalized service!

Customer since 2017

Rad people there

Jesse J., customer since 2005

Very professional and friendly. Quick response. I think you do the right thing. Thank you

Viktor M., customer since 2014

The prompt service is always exceptional!

Customer since 2007

Katie is a rock star!!!!!

Customer since 2008

How agents tailor to my needs! Katie is awesome

Customer since 2013

Katie always answers all my family needs and gets us the best deals! I think she is awesome!

Customer since 2011

Always been helpful

Customer since 2011

Personal service!

Peggy K., customer since 2012

Everyone I've spoken to there has been very approachable, easy to talk to, and down to earth as well as professional and knowledgeable about the policies and what works best for the client.

Customer since 2015

Friendly service, responsive, and good coverage

Lauren M., customer since 2010

You meet the needs we were looking for

Bill J., customer since 2017

You have always given me options and responded to my requests very quickly!

Cheri G., customer since 2010

I've been very happy with this company

Customer since 2015

Our Rep, Katie is always helpful and makes time for our in person visit. She returns our calls quickly and is quick to review any options with us.

Customer since 2017

I appreciate the fact that you respond immediately.

Alicia M., customer since 2016

Very easy to get ahold of!

Brad T., customer since 2006

Any time I have a question or concern Katie is always able to help out. Usually I don't have any idea about what I'm asking and she's willing to walk me through the "know how". Very professional and friendly

Chase I., customer since 2006

I like that I get to talk to the same person every time, Katie always shops around for the best prices!

Customer since 2005

I love that Katie really cares that the client is properly insured. And I love, love that the time I forgot to pay my monthly statement Katie called me to remind and we paid it right then over the phone. I will always be grateful for that!!

Customer since 2009

Always friendly and helpful and quick to respond

Roy K., customer since 2006

Prompt, friendly, caring attitude from all we have dealt with.

Customer since 2015

Katie is always friendly, helpful and available. She answers all my crazy questions that I through at her. Also cost is very important to us and your prices are great.

Customer since 2016

Katie had been resourceful in getting me the best coverage. She was also prompt and courteous!

Virgina S., customer since 2015

Katie is awesome she helps me solve my insurance issues

Susie P., customer since 2017

Great rates , good customer service.

Rabel M., customer since 2005

Amazing customer service

Customer since 2017

Sue is always kind, helpful and gets our needs taken care of right away.

Eric D., customer since 2001

always responds promptly when we have questions or request for new quotes.

Anthony P., customer since 2000

You have always given us quality and prompt service with our auto and home insurance. Never the “run-around”.

Customer since 1996

Sue is the best insurance person I've ever dealt with! She is very professional, and knows the insurance business inside and out. Having Sue on my side gives me a professional advantage. Thanks Sue!

Kelly J., customer since 2002

You are a awesome agent always available, get things done right away answer all questions right away. Again AWESOME!!!!

Customer since 2000

Love the service. Quick response. Very knowledgeable.

Customer since 2002

I can go in the office and talk to Sue about a problem with one of my customers and she has the problem fixed before I leave.

Lori F., customer since 2010

Great service

Customer since 2017

Katie has always been there with the right answers and in a timely manner thank you for being on our side

Customer since 2002

Fast and no hassles

Doug W., customer since 2017

We love our insurance agent she has been more than helpful to meeting our needs and always so friendly!

Kenneth D., customer since 2004

Made sure that we are getting the best possible deal for all our insurance needs. Staying on top of policy changes and increases

Anthony B., customer since 2013

You always strive to provide me with the best coverage for my lifestyle and check to make sure everything is going well .

Customer since 2004

Awesome staff to work with! They know insurance and what you need for your business or home!

Steven C., customer since 2015

Katie has always been very responsive and very efficient. She reviews my account periodically to make sure I am getting the appropriate coverage at a reasonable price. I appreciate her professionalism!

John H., customer since 2005

Everything is Great! Thank you!!

Cheri F., customer since 2013

Very friendly and efficient

Customer since 2009

I am seen immediately and my insurance needs are met without hassle. I appreciate that.

Patrick H., customer since 2014

I appreciate knowing that I'm going to speak to the same person every time I call, and that she remembers who I am. Service is always prompt and friendly. Every experience has been a positive one.

Nicholas A., customer since 2014

Easy to communicate with and very professional.

Vicki O., customer since 2013

We've worked with Katie for years now. She is so knowledgeable about insurance options and lets us know if we can get better coverage at or near the same premium. Thanks Katie!

Customer since 2009

I have worked with Katie for many years now and she is always nice, helpful and remembers who I am and helps us get the best price for insurance. Plus a few years ago when we did have an accident she helped me navigate through the insurance company process. Really appreciate working with her and Epic!

Customer since 2007

Knowledgeable agents. No waiting on hold and the prices are great. I've been with this company for many years.

Customer since 2003

Follow up & prompt response is most appreciated TY

Customer since 2017

Katie has always taken care of me!

Customer since 2006

Epic insurance is a really good company they strive to get you the best insurance coverage you need. Katie Larsen is an experienced agent and fun to talk to. I recommend epic Insurance to anybody.

Shaun B., customer since 2012

Got me a policy that I like

Customer since 2004

Friendly, hands on customer service. Helpful and affordable (competitive) rates

Customer since 2018

Yes! Katie said she would shop around when we get our new bill and if she can find us a price that's just this side of extortionate we would be very happy and it would improve your service... L.O.L!! We've been with you five or six years now but we have a newer car and it's going to cost a little more to cover it so we're hoping that Katie can come up with a good quote. Anyway, she's always giving us a good price so thanks!! we'll see you soon!

Customer since 2010

You helped me get all my vehicles under one company,and have always responded to my emails and calls quickly

Customer since 2004

I like the email reminders of up coming payments. And the way the staff takes care of our needs promptly

Customer since 2013

You are very attentive and helpful!

Customer since 2016

Katie goes the extra mile. Works for her clients with s smile!

Mikhael L., customer since 2017

Good and friendly service, I'm able to make changes and get answers Conveniently. Over 10 years of good service

Joesph H., customer since 2004

We were treated with respect and kindness, and they helped us solve our question. For that reason, we highly recommend Epic

Maleny S., customer since 2018

I am very satisfied with Epic Insurance. I have been best served with finding a plan which fits my needs. I enjoy the friendly attentive service.

Sylvia H., customer since 2017

We very much appreciate the excellent customer service and quick response we have received. Katie has always been extremely helpful, friendly, and has looked for ways to educate us on our insurance needs and worked to help us lower our rates without lowering our coverage. Great service, great advice and great insurance coverage - thank you!

Customer since 2003

Great customer service was offered when I initially went in and switched insurance over. Staff was friendlyand helpful. Always get up to date info in a timely manner.

Customer since 2015

Sue is always friendly and eager to help. Makes taking care of our insurance needs quick and easy. Thank you for the great service!!

Eric D., customer since 2001

Quick, response and very helpful. Thank you!

Lona N., customer since 2001

Always Very Easy to communicate with you guys!

Customer since 2007

Great customer service

Mark W., customer since 2013

Katie is always right on top of things and searches for our specific needs. Fast, friendly service always!

Michael P., customer since 2012

Excellent customer service - Katie Larson had been taking care of me for 5 years

Customer since 2012

When the topic is insurance is raised, I always recommend Epic.

Customer since 2008

Shelley is great in answering all my questions!!!!

Customer since 2013

I've always been happy with the insurance service your company has provided.

Customer since 2012

Katie is great! Been working with her for years. Always gets me the best rates and is always helpful!

Teissa O., customer since 2008

Great and friendly service keep up the good work

Shawn B., customer since 2011

The staff at Epic Insurance made getting set up with my plan very easy and convenient. All of my questions and concerns were answered and addressed.

Customer since 2017

Katie always takes care of my insurance needs without me feeling like a burden. I will always go through Epic Insurance!

Teryn S., customer since 2008

Better on claims

Dorothy L., customer since 2013

Sue is polite and professional.

Customer since 2003

Very professional and friendly customer service. Highly reccomend Epic insurance.

Customer since 2017

The Staff is always helpful when I have questions.

David B., customer since 2016

Great and quick response!

Customer since 2017

You are very personal. You're more of a friend then an agent. You take the time to find the most least expensive and best policy that fits my needs. Very quick response and very easy to be excepted. Thank you all very much!!

Zachary B., customer since 2012

Quick to respond with accurate and complete answers. Always congenial and friendly customer service!

Customer since 2014

You have always treated us with kindness and efficiency to meet our insurance needs. I can't believe that I have been in Everett for 29 years this month and Woodburn Company has used your company for many years before my purchase in 1989. Time goes by so quickly. Thank you for taking care of us. Frank and Penny

Frank F., customer since 2012

Superior customer service!!

Ryan L., customer since 2011

We have always appreciated the personal care we receive. I am contacted promptly if I need attention to my policies and the office staff are polite.and helpful.

Alice K., customer since 2014

You are always available to help with anything I need help with and make sure I have all the information I need. You always find the best insurance for me.

Customer since 2005

Katie Larsen is the best! Always takes care of us. Works on finding us better deals and lets us know Cathy and Jeff

Jeffrey J., customer since 2005

Always in contact with us and keep us up to date with changes

Customer since 2007

Good service, helpful, prompt, good rates.

Lydia C., customer since 2014

Always very friendly and quick. You talk to me like I'm a real person and you know exactly who I am. I also feel confidence in that there's a local office I can go to, should I need more help.

Ashley R., customer since 2012

Good communication.

Customer since 2012

They make it easy to get things done. Stress free.

Patrick H., customer since 2004

You can always answer my questions.

Customer since 2010

Katie Larsen is what you did right. Hiring people that assist people get, keep, and find great insurance - instead of hiring people that deal with clients; see the difference. She is why we stay with Epic!!!

Daniel S., customer since 2015

It' all good. I have no complain, very reasonable prices and any thing I need, they complete the task very professionally and I trust them. Thanks epic

Customer since 2017

The customer service is great, always a quick call back. Katie is a super trooper she is very helpful and knowledgeable and if she don't have the answer she will do her best to find it.

Kristine R., customer since 2007

Answers my questions when I have them.

David W., customer since 2003

Shelly is very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to.

Paul J., customer since 2016

We always feel like we are well taken care of by our agent, Mike McBride. I recommend Mike highly!

Joseph P., customer since 2009

As always fast and courteous service. Thank you

Customer since 2003

Very prompt and professional. Things get done in such a smooth manner with Epic Insurance. Everyone is comfortable and easy to speak with.

Kory E., customer since 2012

I appreciate the consistent, prompt, and knowledgeable responses and service I get from Epic and Katie.

Customer since 2008

The reason I began with you guys was because of Katie Larson. When I first met her she made it so easy to work with very clear communication was important to me. As my business grew I was able to work with Don layson via for business insurance. I've always felt my needs are being looked after thank you.

Michael L., customer since 2008

Thank you for the awesome service and quick turnaround time! Katie is incredibly friendly and professional, and we have enjoyed working with her! I will definitely recommend Epic and Katie to all of our friends!

Customer since 2018

Katie was incredibly knowledgeable about my policy and let me knows of additions I could ad without feeling pressured.

Krystal R., customer since 2018

I just had my first telephone conversation with Elizabeth Bundy, as my previous person was no longer at the agency. Starting over with someone new can be unsettling but Elizabeth put me immediately at ease with her perfect mix of genuineness, knowledge, responsiveness, professionalism and warmth, with a fun sense of humor that made our conversation as enjoyable as it was helpful. I had a few questions on two of my policies that Elizabeth explained perfectly. She made me feel comfortable and confident that my policies are in good hands and that I could call her anytime. What a great ambassador Elizabeth is a for Epic Insurance! Thank you!

Customer since 2017

Katie always goes the extra mile and treats us like we're her most important client. She's the best!!!

Michael M., customer since 2004

I used to be with only one insurer company for all my insurance needs. When that insurer did not have a comprehensive RV policy that covered my new RV to the levels I wanted, a friend of mine recommended your office and his direct agent at your office. Well you folks came through with two-three companies that offered much better coverage options and we settled on the one company that was the best value for my my needs. I am so glad my friend was one of your customers that recommended your service.

Gerard L., customer since 2016

Katie is always easy to get ahold of and very helpful. Keep doin what you're doin!

Jason C., customer since 2010

Katie does a great job helping me and answering questions and communicating.

Customer since 2006

I like having a person to talk to about my questions, face to face. It was easy, and convenient.

Customer since 2017

Katie is by far the best insurance agent that I have ever had. she is extremely helpful thoughtful and kind she helps to keep me up-to-date on changes on my billing I have recommended her to numerous people and will continue to do so from a job well done thank you Katie for all your hard work and the efforts that you have put forth over the past five to eight years that I've been working with you.

Customer since 2005

Friendly & reliable service! I appreciated the quick response time too & would recommend their services.

Wyatt S., customer since 2010

Your employees go above and beyond to help, care for, and love their customers! I absolutely would reccommend!!!

Elizabeth S., customer since 2010

We love Shelly's quick respond and the way she gets the renew our on time.

Van K., customer since 2013

Your prices are affordable for our family. You all are friendly and respond in a timely fashion.

Tonya P., customer since 2005

I have to say it has always been the customer service that I have received from Shelley that has made my experience a positive one. Shes always willing to help and with a smile too. We've had very good insurance through Epic and they have stood by us through thick and thin. You don't realize how much you need insurance until you need insurance. Thank you.

Donna P., customer since 2013

Fast friendly service all the time along with reasonable quotes and prices

Customer since 2017

You work hard to find the best and cheapest insurance coverage for me

Willam W., customer since 2007

you guys are very helpful with all my insurance needs which makes me a happy customer

David M., customer since 2005

Katie is very prompt with any communication relative to our account.

John M., customer since 2018

From Sheena Green; Sent; Wednesday, January 24, 2018; 3:58 PM; To: Calrose Insurance; Subject: Photos from our evening (Calrose Insurance staff members prepared and served dinner for 49 young people and staff at City Life Casino Road on Tuesday January 24, 2018)

Great to finally "officially" meet all of you, and have you join us! 😊I loved how willing you guys were to interact and serve our kids! Thank you so much! Wish I could have spent more time with you all! Hope to see you guys again!

Sheena Green
Bilingual Community Navigator (Spanish)
Hand In Hand

Sheena Green; Everett, WA; City Life Casino Rd.

From Chris Cruz; Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2018; 4:46 PM To: Calrose Insurance; Subject: Photos from our evening (Calrose Insurance staff members prepared and served dinner for 49 young people and staff at City Life Casino Road on Tuesday January 24, 2018)

Yes, we are SO thankful for all of you and look forward to collaborating again to encourage and support the youth of our community!
Chris Cruz

Chris Cruz, Everett, WA City Life Casino Rd.

From Minta Buse - Sent: Wednesday January 24, 2018 4:47 PM To: Calrose Insurance Subject: Photos from our evening (The Staff prepared and served dinner for 40 young people and staff at City Life Casino Road on Tuesday January 24, 2018)

Oh my goodness you guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your generosity! I am heading out in a few hours to prepare the rest of the food to give to more families! These pictures are great!

We would love to have you back sometime! Let me know if you are interested in coming back again! In the meantime, we are extremely grateful for your love and partnership!


Minta Buse, Everett, WA; City Life Casino Rd

Stellar Customer Service

From: Alyssa C Sent: Monday, June 05, 2017 5:19 PM To: Calrose Insurance Subject: Stellar customer service

I could not be more pleased with the service I've received from insurance agent, Mandy Meza representing Safeco/Calrose Insurance, Everett Washington . Her attention to my needs in a timely manner assured me I had the right insurance representative working for me ! Mandy's desire along with her commitment to exceed my expectations should be commended. I appreciate her professionalism, exceptional customer service and the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure my auto policy and renters insurance requirements were met . I am extremely grateful and will continue to pass my experience with Mandy onto others seeking the degree of service we all wish to have.

Thank you again Alyssa

Sent from my iPhone

Alyssa C; Everett, WA

In reference to my recent auto accident and resulting claim - I can't imagine a transaction that could go more smoothly and promptly - from every party involved - and that certainly includes you, Don and your staff at EPIC Insurance.

I feel very fortunate to have so many professional and nice people working to help me. I will be delighted to recommend everyone involved in the future.

Many, many thanks!

Kay Rich, Bellingham, WA

In 2012 our partnership purchased Natapoc Lodge as a vacation rental property. As the business developed the need for a commercial policy arose. An insurance agent, who is a friend referred us to Don at EPIC insurance and we have never regretted contacting him. He found the company and the policy that meets all our insurance needs and fits well within our budget. As our business grows Don and his staff at EPIC Insurance will be there to provide us with our insurance needs.

Josh Reeves, Partner, Natapoc Lodge, Leavenworth, WA

You should talk to Don - EPIC Insurance gives the best service and provides the most competitive premiums of any other insurance agency I have ever used. Don and his staff have my complete trust.

Joe Leonardi, Monroe, WA

My business has had our commercial policy with Don Layson since its inception in 2002. I completely trust his knowledge and expertise in an area of business that I have no knowledge or expertise. The customer service at EPIC Insurance goes the second mile

Mike Tufts; Co-Owner, IRP, LLC, Mill Creek, WA

Katie at EPIC Insurance has been very helpful and patient as I have shopped for insurance. In the end, I changed all my policies to EPIC Insurance. As a result, I now have better coverage and saved hundreds of dollars.

Jim Corwin; Snohomish, WA