About Us

CALROSE INSURANCE was started with 3 things in mind -

  1. Providing clients with the information and education needed to make choices to fit their individual needs
  2. Working as a team to create and maintain loyalty between our clients and the companies we represent.
  3. Have fun along the way

Our driving desire is to educate and advise our clients in the most efficient insurance buying practices. Everyone at Calrose Insurance is involved in continuing education for the benefit of our clients.

We combine wise buying practices with intelligent risk evaluation to appropriately match our clients' needs and goals. In short we want to be the "Trusted Choice" for all your insurance needs.

We ask that our clients hold us to the high standard of service we strive for - we hope you'll provide your comments on how we're doing via email, on our website www.calroseins.com, on our facebook page or an email to don@calroseins.com. We know that you rely on us to protect your most valuable treasures, including family, home, cars, and finances. And we thank you for that opportunity.

Calrose insurance began in 1997 as "Epic Insurance" specializing as a high risk auto insurance agency. In August of 2012 Don Layson purchased Driver's World and changed the name to Calrose Insurance. He brought his many years of experience in management, personal and commercial insurance to the agency. This began an evolution from a niche provider to a broad spectrum competitor able to meet the ever changing needs of individuals, families and businesses.

In June of 2016 Epic became Calrose Insurance (Epic, Petershagen, Insurance Center) with the acquisition of Petershagen Insurance and Insurance Center of Everett dba Calrose Insurance. In July of 2017 the name was changed to simply Calrose Insurance. Don has been in the industry as a personal lines and commercial agent for 32 years. Combining his years of expertise with those of the professionals at Petershagen and Insurance Center there are over 100 years of experience, expertise, and customer service available to our clients.